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This 24 E-Learning Modula is designed to provide the core understanding of Digital Technology, enabling its students to learn about the New Digital Age. From this E-Learning, Modula students will learn how Digital Technology is affecting business from the bottom line. How to detect where technology is affecting the critical functions of a business. And how to create a newly needed strategic roadmap to adapt to the market. As technology is changing the world, with the revolution from 5G to Cloud services. This course will explore the unraveling roadmap of digital technology, of how it is affecting traditional business. Throughout the course, we will look at Telecom, FinTech, MarTech, AdTech, business, and how they are utilizing SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. But also come to learn how these (Services)aaS are affecting the world how to adapt it to their businesses or entrepreneurial ideas to grow. From this e-learning module, participants will come to understand what Digital Technology, and its presence in Business today. But not limited to utilizing cloud services in the way to enhance the business processes with automation.